Essay On Poor Eating Habits

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Personal fitness team gets tough on Fat related foods
Keeping fit is considered is one of the challenges people encounter in life. It bars them from leading their desired lifestyle. The personal fitness team aims at helping people understand numerous things about keeping fit and specifically about unhealthy related foods. There are numerous cases where people fail to shed off excessive weight despite the number of times they exercise. Our body needs a healthy diet at some point in life. Some people eat food with excessive fat without their knowledge. Studies indicate that the level of obesity in the society is drastically increasing because of poor eating habits. A person’s lifestyle and eating habits determine if he/she will lose excessive …show more content…

The personal fitness team encourages people working out, to focus on meals rich in good oil. There are numerous risks associated with consumption of little good oil. Fitness instructors always emphasize on the importance of consumption of a healthy diet. Here are some of the risks associated with poor consumption of a healthy diet:
• Excessive appetite- People planning to lose weight within a short period might find it challenging to lose weight. Consumption of low good oils in the body can lead to excessive appetite. Excessive appetite is associated with increased hunger and cravings. Incorporation of moderate healthy diet can drastically reduce unhealthy eating habits.
• Poor absorption of vitamin- An adequate amount of fat increases the process of absorption of vitamin K, A, E and D. Vitamins play a critical role in the normal functioning of the body. These ranges from blood clotting, cell repair, immunity and growth. The consumption of low fat in the body reduces the process of absorption of vitamins in the body.
• Changing of moods- A sufficient amount of good oils in the body plays a critical role in helping us maintain a good mood. Fat facilitates the production of feel good chemicals. Fitness instructors, state that people in a good mood are always looking forward towards

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