Essay On Labeling Theory

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Societies obtain specific norms that citizens follow on an everyday basis. We try to fit in with society by following these specific norms, but when some disobey these norms, society has taught us to label them as deviant, and look down upon them by their actions. Someone can be labeled deviant by behavior, appearance, ideas of an individual or specific group that some people in society find offensive. When someone is categorized as a deviant for whatever reason, it changes the way members of a society treat and view the deviant. Therefore, it changes the way the deviant treats and views herself/himself. The labeling theory is based on the idea that behaviors are deviant only when society labels them as deviant. According to the textbook, the …show more content…

Adult labels drastically influence opportunities like employment. An appearance label could immediately change a job opportunity. A label associated with socioeconomic status can directly impact relationships with other people. In our society, a person of lower class is treated as though they are less than some one of a higher class. People in our society make automatic assumptions about people based on socioeconomic status. For example, someone of the higher class could possibly be treated poorly due to the assumption that may be made that they are snobby. Being of the higher class also comes with the treatment of others who view them as attractive or desirable because of their label. This goes to show that labels and their associated treatments can be positive or negative.
The labeling theory is based of off opinions and conclusions made by sociologists and others; however, there has been extensive research on how the labeling theory is used in the criminal justice system. Not only can this concept be applied to criminology but also our daily lives. If we understand the labels we give people and the labels we own, we would be able to understand where we make judgement flaws. I think we could all agree that people can be nasty towards others and in order to improve we must be willing to educate ourselves in

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