Essay On Making Mistakes

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Making mistakes is an important part of life. We learn from our mistakes. Mistakes are the best lessons of our life. They are something that happens unintentionally and without the knowledge of a human being. The only way mistakes can be avoided is to never do anything. Therefore, in my opinion it is necessary to make mistakes. But the question here is that what when these mistakes made by us, though unintentionally hurt the people around us? Is it the right thing to be done then? The reason as to why it is necessary to make mistakes is that mistakes are a learning experience for us. We learn about ourselves through our mistakes and even learn how to become a better citizen for the society.
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Utilize our slips-ups as a going stone. Allow them to be lessons in how you can do things differently. They mould you to be the best version of yourself. At times when you lie to your closest friends whether intentionally or unintentionally you don’t feel good about it, but when they find out the truth, they are hurt the most as you break their trust. At that time you don’t really realize your mistake but when the same thing happens to you, you understand the real mistake that you had done to them sometime back. These mistakes are realized only when you go through the same situation as you made them go through. This is necessary to happen as this is when you actually realize your mistake and you know that you will never repeat the same mistake again, as you have also felt the same pain and know the exact consequences of the mistake.
Another example of a mistake that hugely affected the people was of the great depression which took place in America. The outcome of living happy go lucky and purchasing things with no cash brought about a sudden fiasco. The stock exchange slammed, banks dispossessed, organizations bankrupted and cash devalued. This affected the people of America to a great extent. So these mistakes are to be acted upon soon before it causes much more trouble. By making this mistake, people learned the valuable experience of managing money wisely and buying stocks

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