Essay On Mass Incarceration

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It is so easy for minorities to take on the stance of a victim, it is equally as easy for them to take on the stance of the aggressor. With everything going on in this Country, and in the World today, it isn't hard to understand the reasoning behind some of the situations that have been going on. Cops are getting away with Murder, Literally, and the war on poverty is seeming to turn into something like a war on the poor people themselves. Mass Incarceration is becoming so frequent that people seem to graze over the realities that are plaguing our very existence. Basically, I get it, and I feel for EVERYONE that has been directly involved in the recent tragedies that have been spreading across our Nation. However, while I feel for everyone that has been directly, and indirectly hit by these unbelievable situations, I must ask …show more content…

No, it is a question that is meant to make you think. I had to ask myself that very same thing. I would sit in front of the television, mad, heartbroken, and lost because I could feel the pain of these families. I could feel their hurt, yet only to an extent, because a pain such as theirs, is not a pain that can be mimicked. But, as I sat there in my living room, thinking of the anger that I had, knowing that I have a BLACK Son, Brother, Father, and Husband that could be subjected to such unwarranted fear and hatred one day, I wept. That was, of course, until I realized that weeping wasn't going to bring change. it wasn't going to reach anyone! I needed to do something that Worthy! The same thing goes with the violence and threats that are being made. I know that there is pain, hurt, anger, and fear within the African-American community these days. But the ONLY way to drive change, is to surpass the ignorance. You see, they CANNOT beat us with their minds, so they fight us with their fists, guns, bogus laws, scams, and poverty stricken

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