Essay On Mexican Religion

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In mexico,The most dominant religion is Catholic Christianity. Mexico has about 82 percent of catholic people. Most Mexicans are Roman Catholic because when the Spanish colonized, they also brought over missionary priests to convert them (or, rather to force conversion upon them). Now, it is a tradition. Religious tradition is one of the strongest and most applied in the Mexican American community. Mexico is a tremendous religious country, because Mexicans have been imposed to Catholicism for over 3 hundred years. Catholicism is not only a religion to Mexican Americans, but also a way of living, they are taught since they are children to worship God, the saints and the virgen de Guadalupe. Mexican American children are not asked whether they want or no …show more content…

About 85 percent of Puerto rican are roman catholic. Catholicism was the only religion permitted under the Spanish Monarchy, including in its American colonies. Most towns have a church in the center and celebrate patron saints in festivals. In general, the major religious practices of the island are rooted in Catholicism. Also Protestant sects have come to represent close to 10 percent, under United States influence, and the remainder of the people follow Judaism, some Islam, and some practice santería. Santería practices, which are of African origin, may overlap with Christian beliefs. Santeria is a religion practiced by, I guess,many Puerto Rican Americans. It is practiced in the homes of Puerto RicanAmericans when they are not in church. It is a mixture of their old nativereligion from pre-Columbian Borinquen with Roman Catholicism. It is basicallythe incorporation of the Roman Catholic saints with a form of vodoun. From another experience, in Santeria prayers and offerings are given to the saints forprotection from evil. There are many elaborate rituals performed by thefollowers of Santeria. Most of the rituals include prayers from Roman

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