Pros And Cons Of Rwandan Weddings

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Fellow Rwandans, if we respect ourselves, then we’ll do something on the current horrific and embarrassing habit of asking money for marriage ceremonies. We ought to change this habit. It is nurturing a habit of dependence.

Often, we receive text messages, or we are invited by word of mouth for a wedding meeting. Few, clever ones choose not to attend, and several attend them. I have attended a few of those meetings. Most of them mirror each other in a way. They are all fundraisers that show how dependent on others our society has become.

Our current social take on organising big, and expensive weddings ceremonies, leaves many unmarried folks in a desperation. It puts some in a mere wish to spend big on their non-existent, or small incomes.
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Who said that weddings should always be the same? Those who can afford big, let them do it, but imitating each another will lead us nowhere. I have spoken with few friends, and family. They all echo that elders oblige them to have a wedding ceremony that builds or boosts family prestige.

Moral obligations on Rwandan weddings remain a sensitive subject, particularly if you want to point out how unproductive to our society they have become. Our morals and their expectations on weddings have not changed with time. In the current economic context, morals focusing on impressing are likely to push us in a dependency trap that will lead us to a slow family growth. Think of a family with low income that must contribute to two or more wedding ceremonies every two months. At the end of the year, this family will have less or zero savings, and that is how we will be bringing our country 's progress down.

Big, fancy, and modernised wedding ceremonies are expensive, and in most parts wastage of money. Anyone trying to say that these lavishing wedding ceremonies are becoming counterproductive, is branded greedy (igisambo). I guess, I am no different. I can say it 's wise to save the small incomes for the future and not spend it in a

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