Essay On Native American Health

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American Indians and native Alaska faces firm great difference in health insurance coverage which includes poor health status and uninsured rates. Indian health service is the primary source through which federal government provides health services to American Indian and native Alaska, they have significantly higher rate of poverty which affect their health care. Native American are more likely than the overall population to report being in fair health and having various diseases. National injury mortality data show that American Indian or native Alaska children are more like to be hit by car, drown or to commit suicide than the other ethnic groups. According to survey one-third of American Indians or Native Alaska has income below federal poverty line and also one in five of the adults has not graduated from high school not to talk of going to college or universities which are some of the major reasons that make them experience the worst health results compare to other racial groups. About one million and seven hundred thousand nonelderly American Indians and Native Alaska lives in the United State which makes them one of the smallest ethnic populated groups, those …show more content…

Also the fact that the federal Government of the United States is prohibited from negotiating with various drug companies for cheaper drugs price to the patient yet the veterinary administrations negotiate with the companies about the price of each drugs. The fear of being sued by the government at times makes some doctors refer there patient to other expert doctors which is now becoming a fixed program and leading to waste of American health care resource. Many small businesses enterprises does not provide health insurance to their employee because of the low income profit being benefit from the

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