Essay On Native Americans And Health Care

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In a healthcare setting you will see different cultures that will come and go. It is very important to know how to deal with each culture so that you can help them while still making sure they are comfortable. Native Americans have many different characteristics because of the different tribes from all over the world. Healthcare providers should be familiar with them so they know how to distinguish them if needed. While knowing their characteristics they should also know how to interact with Native Americans as well since their culture is a lot different than ours, we want to make sure that we don’t disrespect them. Our healthcare providers would impact Native Americans and healthcare by showing them that we respect them and want to be there to help them anyways that we can so …show more content…

When talking to a Native American you should not make eye contact with them. When you don’t make eye contact it shows respect towards them, but it also can be threatening to them as well since they believe they are losing or having then soul stolen from them. Being their health care provider it may be hard for you to get them to really explain what is wrong because they well describe their symptoms through stories or may not tell you what is wrong at all because they value stoicism. Be sure to know how to interact with Native American so you don’t disrespect them in anyways Native Americans do not impact our healthcare like other cultures do. Since Native Americans have a high rate of poverty they suffer more when it comes to health problems. It was stated that if healthcare providers were to take the time to learn about Native American culture, while also spending time within their communities. Native Americans would be more open to letting healthcare providers help take care of them when it is needed. In the end it is up to the healthcare provided to gain their trust so that we would be able to help them

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