Essay On Oil Spill Pollution

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Abstract Oil spills has been one of the major environmental pollution and concern faced by all. This problem has been more visible in developing countries; many studies have shown that oil spill pollution poises both short term and long term damages to the environment, marine-life, the ecosystem, human activities and health problems especially to those who live close to the polluted areas. This paper will critically evaluate how the major causes of oil spill pollution and how it has affected the planet. Over the years, the rate of oil spillage has significantly reduced as companies and individuals have become knowledgeable about the implications of spillage on our environment and the planet as a whole. Consequently, measures are continually taken to manage, reduce and repair any damages caused by oil spillage. This research paper will also examine the control and preventive measures taken to curb oil spillage pollution. Most companies have successfully…show more content…
For example, in the Niger delta region of Nigeria, pipeline vandalism has wreaked havoc to the economy, environment, and health. Illegal waste oil dumping Many organizations including oil companies, are mostly driven by the money making benefit from their business and try to avoid any financial losses including money spent in taking care of the environment from where their businesses run. Therefore, most illegal waste oil dumping occurs in the oceans by these organizations who do not want to invest in the cost of degrading their oil waste. Natural disasters Oil spill may sometimes be caused by natural disturbances in the earth crust such as hurricanes and earthquakes leading to eruptions in the oil wells. Natural seeps (geological seeps) from the ocean floor/bed representing one of the single largest sources of oil pollution (Oil Splat , 2008)

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