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Flowering plants have grown to maximize pollination. Some flowers are pollinated by wind, animals, or water, but insects are the most common vectors. Plants have evolved attractive which are full of nectar and pollen to flowers full of nectar and extra-tasty pollen to attract insects. A lot of flowers use bright colours in order to attract insects, sometimes supported by coloured assisting points to make sure that insects find their way to their promised land. Several flowers have ultraviolet marks; these kind of flowers are seen to be invisible to human eyes whilst animals can see them. It is important to know that flowers are frequently shaped to give a landing location for insects that are visiting, or to force flowers to brush across stigmas and anthers. The pōhutukawa (also known as the Metrosideros excelsa) utilizes colour in another method. It simply has tiny sized petals yet it also has a large vivid red coloured clusters of stamens. Moreover, some types of flowers contain a scent to attract insects. A lot of these scents are also attractive to humans, however not all are attractive as some flowers attract flying insects with a foul smell of rotten meat. We should know that colours cannot be seen in the dark as they do not glow (some flowers have pollen grain that glow in ultraviolet light), so scent is important in the dark to…show more content…
Flowers crowd to get our attention, providing us with most of the rainbow colours. However we should know that it is not our attention they need to attract, but to attract that of an insects, whom are known to be the perfect pollinating agents, as shown by many explicit pictures, which show a lot of vivid coloured flowers, seen by eyes (or the human eye at least).Many types of species for example bees, which can see a large veriety of light, better than us humans, in which they see completely different things than what we see (more

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