Essay On Raising Federal Income Tax

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Why do we need money? Do we need money because of our wants or needs, or both? Money is an essential aspect in our society in which we use to supply our needs and wants. Everyone in our society thinks differently in respect towards if you have more money than more problem. In the contrary, if I were to give you a million dollars I highly doubt you will have more problems instead more problems solved because you have more money. Here’s the deal, the government is debating whether federal income tax rates in American should be raised or not. Raising federal income tax rates in America generates resources rapidly, offsets cost of lower families, and creates a savings income. Raising tax reduction on the American people will contribute towards…show more content…
“The Federal tax system has always served purposes beyond the collection of revenue to fund Government programs” (Farrigan). The people of the United States pay taxes to the government to multiply the money by doing business related negotiations with other countries. In addition, the government uses the peoples tax money in programs such as Medicaid or children’s health insurance, food stamps, and unemployment benefits. Consequently, the government gives back the people’s tax money, but because of the people the government can support, give, and help the people in need. The government multiplies the peoples tax money and since the people are investing their tax money than is only right the people get a beneficial raise on their tax return money. Leading to the raise of federal income tax return allows the people to expand and grow their ambitions. For example, college students with an optimistic perspective who tend to open their own business may use that income tax return to open their own business creating jobs for others in need of a job. The more businesses that open leads towards the growth of a bigger economy creating my resources to the
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