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My group members and I have been creating, the greatest, Rube Goldberg machine in our classroom! Our group and I have been researching about some possible ideas or objects we could use to build our Rube Goldberg machines. We figured out that we would use water bottles, dominoes, parts of a medium sized cardboard box, a marble moving set, marbles, confetti (to put inside the balloon to see when it pops), and tacks. We would put confetti inside the balloon for when the balloon pops, it will almost be like a big celebration! To pop the balloon we would use a few tacks and tape it onto the domino.

For our project we used lots of different kinds of energy to get to our end goal, popping a balloon filled with confetti. To make the balloon pop we used a tack that was duct-tape from the top of a domino. To make the domino with the tack move, we used other dominoes, which we thought would create enough force to push the domino with the tack forward and pop the balloon. We had to use a lot of our Rube Goldberg machines based on force and motion. We had to see if there was …show more content…

We had a few problems along the way though we were able to problem solve some ways to fix it. Exactly like the water bottle problem, there were bumps in the water bottle so the marble would just stop in the middle of the water bottle. We fixed it by using scissors to hold up the water bottle, this would make the marble totally forget about the bump in the water bottle and swiftly move along. We also had some things that worked, for example, the blueprints. We were able to plan out what we were going to do. Out group and I were able to do this easily.I think that there are a few things to improve on for our Rube Goldberg machine though we can always improve and what we have done. Next time, I will make sure that the things I did not do so well I will fix. I hope we can do the Rube Goldberg machines

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