Essay On Rural Trafficking

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Adverse Socio-economic condition of people in many regions offer an ideal opportunity to the traffickers to lure poor women by promising better pays, jobs and much comfortable life in distant places. In several cases, women in rural areas have very little skills and education and very little income opportunities at home, find it hard to reject such offer. Sometimes the promise of immediate payments encourages the family’s living in financial difficulties to sell their daughter to the traffickers. Often marriage appears to be an easy instrument for trafficking women to for away places and exploit them sexually and economically.
It is found that a majority of the trafficked girls are between 14-16 years, whose parents could not afford to pay for their dowry. Almost in all the cases of trafficking in rural areas, the recruiters live in close proximity with the recruits and are known to the victim in the form of neighbors, relative or friends.
However, the world conference on Human Rights was held in Vienna, in June 1993. The conference accredited
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The Indian constitution has therefore prohibited all sorts of trafficking under Article-23.The Suppression of Immoral traffic Act. 1956, later amended as the immoral traffic (prevention) Act (hereafter ITPA), was in response to the ratification of the International Convention on Suppression of Immoral Traffic and Exploitation of prostitution of others in 1950.
India also has pleaded in favour of the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (CEDAW, 1979) during the UN decade for women. This sin core obligation inspires the government to suppress all forms of trafficking in women. In 1990, India signed the Geneva Human Rights treaty, which also prohibited trafficking in women and children as a human rights
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