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Sapphire and Diamond Rings – Golden Tips for Choosing the Best Ring The world of jewelry is dynamic and it is constantly changing! Currently, there is visible change in the jewelry-buying trend. The migration from conventional diamond solitaire rings to diamond and sapphire ring is complete as more jewelry enthusiasts want to display their sense of jewelry buying wisdom! The purest gemstone rings are alluring and captivating with their rarity, immense beauty and brilliant sparkle! People are enamored with buying rings made from precious gemstones like sapphire because of their mystical aura. Similarly, diamond is forever – that is what wise men believe even now. In essence, the rare combination of sapphire and diamond is special to people who wear them. Brilliant sapphires…show more content…
Typically, diamonds in lucid and transparent colors work best with a sapphire stone. Lighter colored sapphire stones are more likely to water down the overall appearance and feel of sapphire. Purely vivid and vibrant sapphire stones will lend a premium look to a sapphire and diamond ring. Such stone are expensive than the ones that come with duller and weaker color saturation. No gemstones are perfect. Sapphires and diamonds are no exceptions to this rule. All sapphire crystals are treated with extreme heat to enhance color, vibrancy, saturation and clarity. Untreated sapphires are more expensive too. Buying a ring with better color and tonal clarity should be the first priority. To summarize, the following tips should become a practical guide to purchase a flawless and beautiful sapphire-diamond ring: 1) Choose a synthetic tone because such stones will have fewer imperfections when compared to natural sapphires 2) Uneven color is not recommended for a sapphire. Single vivid color like deep blue is always

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