Essay On Smoking In America

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Something is Smoking The story of smoking in America starts in 1610: tobacco seeds were illegally brought to America from England and feverishly planted across the colonies wherever there was room, starting one of the biggest economical surges in early American history. However this little plant that once brought fortune to the early settlers now accounts for 440,000 deaths per year in the United States and four million deaths per year worldwide (Eds. Craighead, Nemeroff). As once thought as a recreational pastime, smoking is now recognized as a leading cause of death in America and around the world. Smoking can not only be extremely addictive, but can cause numerous health complications in adults such as cancer, cardiovascular problems, …show more content…

Dubbed the ‘Big C’ in almost a joking term, cancer is common throughout the world and familiar to many. Many times than not the causes of certain types of cancer are not known, but this is not the case in the realm of smoking. There is a reason why cigarettes are called “cancer sticks”. Smoking happens to be the main source of cancer (Bellenir). Smoking also accounts for 30 percent of all cancer deaths (Magill). Yes, that includes every single cancer case, even cancers which tobacco neglects to have even touched. When thinking of cancers caused by smoking, lung cancer is and should be thought of almost immediately. This is probably because 87 percent of all lung cancer patients die of smoking-caused lung cancer, which is equal to 125,000 deaths (Magill). However, cancer is far from exclusive and can spread to many different parts of the body. There are many types of cancer that are caused by smoking, such as cancer of the oral cavity, larynx, esophagus, pancreas, stomach, bladder, and cervix (Eds. Craighead, Nemroff). There is a reason why smoking is the source of so many cancers in this world, and that is mainly what lays

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