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he Social Studies concept that I will discuss in this article is “Culture” and through the culture of tea preparation and drinking tea, I will illustrate this concept. Culture is the arts, ideas and customs associated with a behaviour of a society. I am going to elaborate on tea culture and the reasons why tea should be a preferred drink compared to other beverages. Origins: The History of Tea Facts Tea drinking originates from China and has spread to different parts of the world. Over time, people have modified the way to prepare and drink tea. It is interesting to note the different ways tea is prepared and enjoyed in different parts of the world. For instance, the British drink their tea without sugar whilst the Tibetans mix salt and…show more content…
In those days, most people only ate two meals: a large breakfast late in the morning and a late dinner around 8 or 9 o’clock in the evening. Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford is credited with the origination of afternoon tea in the early 1800s. She would become hungry during the afternoon, in the long hours between breakfast and dinner and decided that a light meal in the mid-afternoon would be the perfect solution to her in between meals hunger pangs. She began asking her servants to bring her some sweets and a cup of tea. Eventually she began sharing this custom with her friends, and afternoon tea soon became popular among the aristocratic class. The working class caught the trend quickly since the afternoon meal was a good opportunity take a break from work and spend time with friends. As the working class sat a tall table to drink their tea, which is accompanied by heartier fares such as meat pies, cakes and bread, the term “high tea” was coined then. Owing to our history of being one of British’s colonies, the culture of afternoon tea and high tea was brought in by British working in Singapore in the 1800s. These days, we can enjoy high teas in most of the five stars hotels in Singapore which served an array of food such as local fare or British snacks, along with different variety of

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