Teenage Drinking Research Paper

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Alcohol and Teens: The Effects of Teenage Drinking

A 14-year-old girl named Takeimi Rao had a sleepover with 3 of her friends on a Saturday night. The mother of Takeimi took the girls out to eat a burger for dinner. At 2 am the mom woke up to find the 3 girls throwing, she cleaned them up and put them back to bed, she has thought it was the cause of the bad food. The following morning Takeimi was found passed out in her room, when the paramedics came she was found dead. The police believe it was due to alcohol posing, the house they lived in was rented and the owners had vodka in the kitchen and Takeimi parents didn 't want to throw it away so they just left it. The effects of underage alcohol overdose (or alcohol poisoning) are vomiting,
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Some signs of violent behavior are talking about violence, especially violent towards people ( HEALTHWISE STAFF). Underage drinking, there are some signs that you can tell if they are drinking like if they start to threaten you or talk about violence. The possibility of teen violence can increase in weeks or months ( HEALTHWISE STAFF). If the teens keep on drinking on a daily basis, you can tell if they start acting more violently and sometimes it will take them a while like weeks or months to start acting like that. Underage drinkers can cause violence or threaten you or talk about it and take a couple of weeks or months to see the…show more content…
Underage can become addicted to drinking and if they become addicted, they can do crazy stuff like have unprotected sex, get into fights or even worse, they can die from alcohol poisoning. This topic matters because there are some teens that drink and drive under influence, that causes their death. The second reason they shouldn 't change it because it can cause brain failure, the brain won’t fully develop until the age of 25 and if a teen starts drinking at a young age the brain won’t fully develop. The last reason not to change the drinking age it that it can lead to violent behavior, the more the teenager drinks, the more likely he will get into some trouble with the law like driving under influence or maybe fighting in
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