How Did The Adams-Onis Treaty Affect The Colonization Of America?

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Have you ever wondered how we stumbled upon and acquired Florida? The fight over Florida extended across many decades and had many changes in who had control over it. The Adams-Onis Treaty (also called Transcontinental Treaty) settled the disputes. It was “Done at Washington, this day of February, One Thousand Eight hundred and Nineteen.” ( This compromise between the United States and Spain in the Adams-Onis Treaty was a significant compromise during the colonization of America because many conflicts between Spain and the U.S. were resolved, it led to further expansion of the U.S, and today, Florida has a huge effect on the United States.
Florida did not just walk into the hands of the US though, other countries had already made their way to Florida to claim it as their own. This caused there to be many fights about who actually owned it. The Spanish were the first to colonize in Florida at St. Augustine and only had brief peace as sometime in the 17th century, Native Americans and English settlers attacked the people living there. The Spanish, who owned Florida, made a mistake by entering the French and Indian War very late under the …show more content…

One thing is that the US took full responsibility of anyone person living Florida injured during the time America was taking over. Citizens could make claims for damage resulting from the fighting, but the United State would not pay more than five million dollars in these claims. The US also thought that Spain should pay for some of the claims by their citizens. Three commissioners were chosen to decide if the claims are true or not and had the consent of the Senate. The President can fill the spot of one of these commissioner if he is dead, sick, or is taking necessary absence but also has to take oaths. The people that made these claims were later notified if their claims were thought to be true or

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