Essay On The Use Of Techniques In Jasper Jones And Stranger Things

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The author of Jasper Jones, Craig Silvey and the directors of Stranger Things, Ross Duffer and Matt Duffer, hook their audiences using a variety of techniques. Through the use of plot structure and pacing, characterisation, and stylistic devices, both creators capture and keep the attention of their audiences. The aspects of plot structure and pacing are taken into account to capture the attention of the audience from the very beginning of both texts. Jasper Jones is chronological as Charlie reveals his story as the events unfold, unlike Stranger Things, where the story is unchronological and follows many story lines that eventually converge. Flashbacks are used to reveal key information on characters, such as when a flashback was used to show …show more content…

Stranger Things introduces a plethora of characters but focusses on the main characters Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will. They fit into the ‘under-dog’ archetype which allows the viewer to empathise with the main characters as they are relatable and endearing. Likewise Jasper Jones introduces a character that falls under the ‘under-dog’ archetype, who is Charlie, which the reader can also relate to. Whereas Jasper is represented as the ‘scapegoat’ character type, since little is known about him, the audience is interested in this character. Likewise, Stranger Things introduces Eleven, who is also a mysterious character that the audience knows very little about. Both of these characters raise questions among the audience, which encourages them to continue watching/reading. Jasper Jones only introduces two characters in its opening chapter, but this allows the audience to have a more in depth introduction to these characters and will more likely form a connection than if introduced to several characters such as Stranger Things. Although more characters are introduced in Stranger Things, both texts have main characters that are outcasts of their community. In Jasper Jones Charlie is an outcast among his peers at school and Jasper is ostracised from the whole town community. Like Charlie, the main characters of Stranger Things are outcasts among their peers at school, as the show reveals that they are victims of bullying. Since the characters are put into realistic and relatable situations such as bullying and exclusion, this enables the audience to relate with the characters and create an emotional connection which has a better hold of their attention for a longer period of

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