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1.0 Introduction The purpose of this report is to investigate whether or not the redevelopment of Grand Central shopping centre will advance or hinder Toowoomba's liveability. Liveability depends on what you like and Grand Central is something that most people from Toowoomba will like. In the year 2014 Toowoomba city had a population of 150,748, this consisted of 73,567 males and 77,181 females with population of Toowoomba having an average age of 36.4 years. Grand Central shopping centre will appeal to these people because they can get a larger variety of shopping items. Grand Central is located in Toowoomba’s Central Business District (CBD) and is only 1.9 kilometres west of Toowoomba Grammar School. A main function of Toowoomba is the carnival of flowers which follows the old functions of Toowoomba being an agricultural town. 2.0 Methods/Research Methodology To collect my data for this report I used primary and secondary sources. My primary sources was from a presentation from a Toowoomba city Council town planner. I got this presentation on a field trip. Another primary source I used was the Australian Bureau of …show more content…

Grand Central will have a total floor area of 232,822 square metres with a total of 90,000 square metres of leasable area. There are going to be 305 shops in total with 167 new shops. In the new shops there are four new majors and six new mini majors. These new major shops are Aldi, Kmart, Big W and Woolworths. There are also 4 new fashion stores, one of these is H&M. To house all the traffic there is going to be 4000 plus parking spaces with 2,000 new ones. But with of this it comes at a great cost of 500 million dollars with 380 million dollars as a direct investment into Toowoomba’s economy. The other 120 million dollars to will go to other regions to source expertise and materials to complete the

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