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Tracheostomy is a procedure, in which an opening is created through the neck into the windpipe also known as the trachea to enable breathing and to open blocked airways. The purpose of tracheostomy is to improve alveolar ventilation in case of respiratory inadequacy, to create an alternative pathway for breathing, or to protect the airways by using a cuffed tube. This also allows for the air to enter the lungs therefore, the breathing is done through the tube. When a patient has tracheostomy they are bypassing the nose, mouth, and throat to be able to breath.
Tracheostomy is performed for many reasons, such as when a patient is unable to breathe normally or in an emergency then their airway is blocked. In addition, other conditions that may also require a tracheotomy to be performed include, birth defects of the airways, cancer on the neck, injury to the chest wall, need for prolonged respiratory or ventilator support. In a non-emergence situation, it can be done
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For example, if a patient has a tracheostomy tube inserted assuming that it is to bypass a trachea that is blocking the blood flow. Then it can be considered as temporary, since it will be removed once the patient recovers. It can also be as simple as when a patient is unable to protect their own airway. Generally the patient is able to speak once the opening closes up. There is usually only a small scar left behind when the tube is removed after a temporary tracheotomy has been done.
On the other hand, if a patient has permanent damage around the larynx or is having problem breathing. Then the trachea is brought out to the surface of the neck and sutured. That can result in permanent tracheostomy because it is going to help the patient breath at night. The hole in the neck is going to be permanent however, further surgery may be in need because it tends to narrow over time. The doctor would generally give the patient tips on how to maintain and clean the

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