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Triwest Healthcare Alliance core competency is its network of healthcare providers, that are always there to satisfy its customers demand (veterans). That is why, the company challenges are to always strive not only to keep the veterans satisfied, by also the providers well satisfied.
Triwest Healthcare Alliance position and ability to compete on analytics
Triwest Healthcare Alliance main focuses are to provide the best customers services and speedy services the veterans, and to make sure that its healthcare providers are paid in a timely manner. In order to achieve such mission, the company should make sure that all the paperwork regarding veterans’ healthcare are as much similar to the specifications to the veterans’ administration, so that …show more content…

Triwest Healthcare Alliance must stay on the top of the game in the analytics, otherwise its competitors may take over the market and the business. That is why, the management has hired top of line consulting company to help in studying and the quality and management of its core business. The company’s position within the pillars of analytics competition are the support of strategic, distinctive capability, and the senior management commitment to success.
Triwest Healthcare Alliance has enacted a strategic and distinctive capability to make sure that the quality of calls and paperwork is to highest standard. The aim of this philosophy, is to make sure that it accomplishes its main missions, which are providing access to healthcare for veterans in a timely manner, and to make profit for its investors.
Triwest Healthcare Alliance’s senior management is committed to the achievement of its core mission, by making sure that the hired personnel is highly qualified and by establishing numerous training programs to increase not only quality, but also confidence primarily to the managers, and secondary the staff members. Davenport and Harris wrote that: “The adoption of a broad analytical approach to business requires changes in culture, process, behavior, and skills for multiple employees. Such changes don’t happen by accident; they must be led by senior executives with passion for analytics and fact-based …show more content…

To top all those challenges, it is important to remember that the company is into government managed healthcare system, which is always hard and impossible to establish changes, based on layers of bureaucracy.
Triwest Healthcare Alliance has enacted some tools and techniques to attract and retain customers, which requires challenges, dedication, investment, and patience. In addition to customers, the company must satisfy its army of healthcare providers, because without them, it will be out of business. Furthermore, the company must be able to recruit and retain more healthcare providers; those providers are its core competency and must be satisfied with how they are being treated by the company.
How can Triwest Healthcare Alliance compete externally on

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