Essay On Utopia In Animal Farm

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All utopias are different. People have different concepts of utopias and they can be good or bad depending on their ideas. The examples of utopian societies that we read in class, like the well- known novel Animal Farm, and the lesser known short stories “The Most Dangerous Game” and “Harrison Bergeron” were all different examples of utopias, but none of them sounded fair or humane. One was murder, one was a twisted concept of equality and the other was taking advantage of blunt mindedness. In Animal Farm the leader Napoleon convinces the other animals to turn on the humans. He also convinces them that whatever he says, no matter how ridiculous, is the rule. In “the most Dangerous Game” General Zaroff, the antagonist, hunts people for game …show more content…

In Animal Farm Napoleon and Snowball were the original leaders of the farm but after Snowball disagrees with Napoleon, he is immediately sent away and portrayed as an awful traitor who had been scheming a plan the whole time. This kind of unstable government is not a place that I would want to live in. The way he treated the other animals and shut down any suspicions of his actual plan was cruel and abusive of his power. Another reason I would not like to live in a utopia like the one in Animal Farm is that it seems like it would be very aggravating to see other animals say they support him one-hundred percent and being overall disappointed in my surroundings. While yes I would be an animal if I lived in this utopia I would probably be just as clueless as the other animals on the farm. In Animal Farm Napoleon changes the rules slightly each time he breaks them to comply with what he did. This is another reason I am against utopias. In “Harrison Bergeron” there is a leader who is in charge of all of the handicaps, affectively called the handicapper general. The plot of the story is that Harrison, who is exceptionally stronger, smarter, and more handsome than everybody else,

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