Essay On Why Did The British Win The American Revolution

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It’s not much of an argument to say that the British should have in fact won the American Revolution. The British were a force to be reckoned with. At the time, they had the world’s strongest army, an unopposed navy, and primarily dominance over the colonies. However, due to losses at key battles, the Americans were able to overcome this huge obstacle set upon their path. The British had many advantages going for them. For starters, the British had the worlds’ strongest army; they were both well-equipped and well disciplined. The soldiers were well fed and taken care of, this partially being an outcome of the Quartering Acts. The British also seemed to have a strong morale; they had previously won wars against the French and Spanish. The British also dominated the seas. They had a navy that was like no other. The British army simply seemed unbeatable. However, with these strong advantages also came many disadvantages. The British seemed to overestimate their strong military powers, and did not always equip themselves enough. They were also on foreign soil; supplies took very long to ship over. The British were also unprepared to fight throughout the cold brutal winters leading to many deaths and battle losses. …show more content…

Americans had a seemingly unbreakable morale. The colonists had a cause they were fighting for; their independence, their liberty, and their rights. This strong morale later led many to join militias, or civilians coming in to fight for their country. These militias would help protect houses and other local reputations. The Americans also had several disadvantages. The Americans had far less experience than the British. They had not won any recent wars, and they were already primarily dominated by the British. The Americans were also in Political and economic disorder. The Americans leaders were new and

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