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Wisdom Tooth Extraction - A Painful Necessity?

Well, although it is known as “wisdom” tooth, people who don't develop it are said to be lucky! Have you ever thought about why these third set of molars are popularly known as Wisdom teeth? Why do some people don't develop them at all? And why there are many who go through this extreme pain and discomfort?

At around your 10th birthday, your wisdom tooth starts forming. However, you will never feel its presence now. Third molars or wisdom teeth formation takes place at a later stage, as compared to all other set of teeth. And this is precisely why third molars emerge at the age of 17 to 25 years. Since this age is considered to be a stage where people are considered to be more matured, these molars are known as wisdom teeth. That's fair
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The reason being evident that our mouth has reduced in size over the years due to evolution. So, lack of space results in a condition known as impacted wisdom tooth and definitely painful.

What is impacted wisdom tooth?

As mentioned earlier, a lack of space within the mouth results in impacted tooth. In this condition, the wisdom tooth makes an attempt to emerge out of the gum and gets obstructed by the tooth in front of it.

What are my options besides extraction?

Your doctor will not prescribe an immediate removal if there can be some other solution to control. Tooth ache is caused when the area is infected with bacteria or cavity.

Cleaning the area, which is perhaps slightly difficult, owing to the interior position at which it is located; can otherwise definitely relief pain. In addition, mouth washes, some pain relievers and home remedies may prove satisfactory. However, if all of these fail, removal is essential. Rather, many surgeons suggest that wisdom tooth may result to future complications and therefore it is better to get it removed as early as
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