Essay On Women In Ww2

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United States Women during World War 2 Women are part of our history, they made us who we are. The women in World War 2 where a huge part of our history. When or fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons went off to the war. There was a symbol that every woman believed to help the world. Her name was Rosie the riveter (Rosie). She was every women’s hero. A symbol, that represented courage to tell women that we can do everything a man can do. We saw her on posters on “we can do it”. The government planed a campaign to attract women into factories. The work force for women had increased from 27% to 37%. Half of them took on tough jobs and defense industries. After the men left off to the military women entered the work force to fill in for…show more content…
They are known as WASP. Army air forces where short on staff. 1,074 women had trained for air force and graduated. Form that group of women 38 had died during service. This unit (WASP) was disbanded in 1944 and the women where not counted as veterans. Women also worked for other jobs. Such as Red Cross. The Red Cross. Was led by a civilian agency working with the Military Services and where working really close together. There were 40,000 employs working in the Red Cross. 7.5 million civilian volunteers serving overseas and at home, were serving armed forces. 200,000 women helping out in the Red Cross working at least 150 hours. Before the war women where house wife’s. The government was women because men went off to war. The government had come up with campaigning to persuade women too come in the work force. In 1945 women had war jobs, 6 million women had these jobs. Women were less than men. Women had worked around all over places to keep the country running, out of these women 13 million had jobs. There were 13 branches of the military that was created. special units for women. ¾ of 300,000 women did not want to give up their jobs. There were 15,000 workers that had been killed or in an incident. Out of 5 million were injured. There was a dangerous environment. The government did not mention these
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