Women's Liberation Movement

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The women’s liberation movement was a struggle for equality during the 70’s and 60’s that aimed to allow women have the same rights as men and to dispel stereotypes. This was led by white middle-class women but later joined by women of all races and backgrounds.

One of the many things men had an advantage on was remuneration and this was proven true by Ford’s factory in Dagenham, England in 1968 when female machinists were being paid 20% less than their male co-workers. This was brought to the attention of the female staff especially Rose Baland, Elieen Pullen and Vera Sime who complained about it and were denied a pay raise, this all led up to 187 people leaving the factory that day. Thus, forcing them to close it down and the women going
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They were asked questions that would be totally illigal by today’s standards such as “Are you married” or “Do you have children, or plan to?” And as the womens liberation movement and other groups of people pushed for equal rights in 1974, the Senate passed the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. This act prohibited discrimination when providing credit. And ony a year later the first bank owned by a woman was opened. This bank was a creation of the feminist movement and run by women for women.

During the 60’s and 70’s women was expected to start at 6 years old, where she was expected to deal with all the food, laundry and keep the house clean. The husband as shown by the cartoon on page 143 of New Generation History, women wanted to challenge this idea and did so by defying the norm and throwing away things such as heels, make up and hair curlers. This was because they wanted to defy the streotype that women must stay at home and do the chores and look after the husband. They threw these items away because they were only to please men.

The womens liberation movement raised much awareness, it changed the laws and by doing so they changed the way we live today. Without the movement we would not be able to live in a equal society where a woman can have a credit card without being married, have an abortion legally and safely as well as get paid the same as their male
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