Women's Suffrage In The 18th Century

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At the beginning of 18th century, women and men were unequal. Women had no right to vote and no right to speak in public. In the family, women needed to listen to men, do the housework and take care of the children. They had longer working hours in poorer conditions than men. Women were live in suffrage and they had no position in the society. As Karen Morley said, “ I spoke out on women’s rights, like equal pay for equal work.” ("Karen Morley Quote.") Women started publishing books about women rights, hoped to change the rule, gain right, from government and become equal to men. During 1832 William Lloyd Garrison, the American abolitionist, created an organization that focused on abolition and encouraged women attending Anti-Slavery Society.…show more content…
However, the 15th amendment did not give women the ballot. At this time period, Stanton and Anthony, a leader proponent of women suffrage, formed the National American Woman Suffrage Association to help secure the ballot form state legislation. Paul who organized the National Woman’s Party to hunger workers strikes. After these movements, women finally gain right to vote. The 19th Amendment granted the ballot to American women. People start pay more attention to women, they have right to speak in public. This allowed women to be more independent; women can work and do the same vague as men…show more content…
She was a feminist formed the term “birth control.” This is the devise help to prevent the pregnant. She try to promote the women’s rights and hope women to protect their own body and decided to give a birth control. Birth control changed a lot of women because they can consider weather they want a child or not. Sanger later founded the American Birth Control League. It later became the International Planned Parenthood Federation. This nation promotes women rights and gradually gets the equal rights with men. Women can be able to divorce with men and got a second marriage. Many women wrote the letter to Sanger and discuss about how to prevent the pregnancies. This message shows the women in 1920s changed a lot and learned to protect
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