Why Men Betray Women Analysis

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Why men betray women. By: Isaias Lozano This has been the topic of many discussions, researches, hypothesis, and of courses just simple conversations amongst friends, but in reality what drives men to be unfaithful? Is it debauchery? Emotional dissatisfaction? Or just plain boredom? I´m not here to argue the reasons to why and how, nor give you a psychological run around, It´s best to speak from the heart and do a self-assessment of the reasons why I would probably be unfaithful. Flair and panache two words that mean the same and sound elegant, however today´s youth refer to it as swag. I feel that men and women need to show panache throughout their relationships; sometimes stagnant attitudes are flaws that will tarnish the luster in which…show more content…
This has been scientifically proven; when it comes to empathy women are the dominant force because they unconsciously know the 3 types of empathy. In case you are wondering and also save you some Google ling time they are as follows: cognitive empathy, being able to know how the other person sees things; emotional empathy, feeling what the other person feels; and empathic concern, or sympathy -being ready to help someone in need. But for some reasons I have found that some women don´t express this to their mates, they much rather do it with their besties or bff´s, also known in my time as simply…their girlfriends. This is a big concern because men don´t seek approval from women for fear of exposing their sensitive side, this is a tip for women, no matter what, always show positive reinforcement in a relationship, sometimes we just wish for our girls to simply say, “you know what you did awesome, but things will work out better next time I’m sure of that” whether it’s in an interview or anything related to an activity that your mate is performing that didn´t meet the required outcome. If you don´t do this, you can be sure that the girl sitting next to him or the guy next to her in class or wherever will, and that is when compare and contrast kicks in allowing for undermining of a relationship to take place. This doesn´t mean that whoever does it is purposely trying to interfere in your relationship, but nonetheless it´s a small dent on the armor that you both have built if it’s not carefully
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