Ethical Arguments Against Police Brutality

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The reason as to why police brutality is unethical is simple. It kills a lot of people and is not necessary. However, what are the reasons as to why police brutality has become such a problem in the United States? One can argue the police officers take advantage of how much authority their occupation comprises of. If a cop shoots and murders a person, they claim that they were using self-defense or some other kind of excuse. For example, in the Trayvon Martin case, George Zimmerman claimed that he was utilizing the “stand your ground” law, which allows murder in the case of self-defense. There is no cap on the amount of people that a police officer can kill, and police officers know that there is not a large amount of consequences if they kill …show more content…

However, both concepts might play a role in either situation. Some individuals question whether or not “ethics” should play a big part in law enforcement. Ethics should play a part in professional standards of conduct because it sets a standard for how individuals should behave. It is very important for police officers and any other individual in the law enforcement field to properly abide by ethical standards. They are put into place to avoid problems that are not necessarily against the law but are not behaviors people should be participating in. Ethical standards for law enforcement officials can include not taking any bribes or money from criminals who want to get out of a situation. This can include not taking money for traffic violations or drug convictions. While this behavior is illegal, it definitely also constitutes as unethical. The biggest reason lies behind the fact that if more police officers exhibit this type of behavior, then it will be more common for criminals to commit these crimes since nobody is being punished for

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