Ethical Issues In Child Welfare Policy

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As social workers, speaking on social welfare policy standpoint, social workers do everything from the federal level to the state level insuring and overseeing the administration of social programs. It takes the efforts of social workers in policy makers, as well as program administration to adequately provide the assistance to our clients. Implementation of specific policies can be undermined if the social workers believe that the policy will not be in the best interest of the client. Crises and pivotal events sometime shape the course of implementation, such as wrongdoing by implementers or incorrect decision that adversely affect the lives of clients (Jansson 2018, pg. 466). The ethical issues that a social worker might face within a…show more content…
There’s not enough system design to help aid the child welfare agencies for providing job training or employment referral for parents. The goal is to keep the child and family within the home, however we need more agencies that offer job training. I would get with other social workers and try to implement a job training program for parent. As well try to develop innovative partnership with other organizations that focus on families to surmount their economic…show more content…
In other words, “Foster Children Opportunity Act” This act focus on improving the health and well-being of children and families. It has always been a challenge to recruit foster care parents or adoptive parents for handicapped, ethnic, and adolescent children. I used to work for an adoptive agency for a short period. I notices that the handicapped, and adolescent got overlooked when it came to permanent placement. Even with incentive that the state offer to foster parent, the foster parents still gratefully decline. This was so hard for me to face these children because we couldn’t find them permanent placement. Sadly, each year many children age out of the child welfare system without the opportunity to obtain permanent. This also goes for immigrant children as

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