Thomas Kennelly: The European Refugee Crisis

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Issue which raises ethical questions?


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“Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.”

― Thomas Kennelly

The meaning of the phrase “refugee crisis” can be hard to grasp until you see

the photograph of a Syrian toddler, dead on a Turkish beach after the boat in

which his family was attempting to flee to Europe got turn over in sea. All over

the world, this incidence has raised ethical questions on humanity. Desperate

families crowding on floors and footpath .Greek towns filling with tents and

workers .Today more than 18 million people have been forced to flee their home

countries because of war and conflicts …show more content…

Why are the crises just hitting Europe now?

Europe was the destination of majority of them because of its economic

stability. Then North American countries expanded their commitments to take

refugees from Syria.

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Can United Nations do anything for refugees?

The number of refuges taken by this countries is small compared with the

burden other states shoulder. Turkey at 1.9 million, Jordan at 6,30,000. So in

addition to that United States and other powerful nations can do much more

better of them.

Mediterranean has long been a route of migrants and refugees to enter

Europe in search of stability and many of them have died trying to cross the

Mediterranean route.

Basically what is the difference between migrants and refugees?

Migrants are one that has shifted from one area to another while refugee is

person who has to leave his area for saving his life from threat and danger.

Syrian crises poses ethical question and views for the united nation and

others. That since the outbreak of Syrian war in 2011 3.3 million people had …show more content…

Which had really raised a

question “lost generation?” refugees were also been blindly guided, boats were

capsize and Russian Syrian’s closest had sent boats back to Syria. This was not

really taken up and gave a rise to spark in a war.

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In war united nation is the only single largest helping nation to these crises

giving more than 1.7 billion and it has resettled many refugees since 2011.

Thus from seeing all this I personally believe that this all phenomenon as

whole is creating or generating inhumanity kind of feeling in all people. People

are restricting themselves from exploring in various beneficial fields in order to

save their lives. In a context to this economic instability, destruction, and crisis

that has taken in place in the world. Till it is not too late if they understand and do

a compromise on the basis of humanity they can settle the war and can bring

back the good environment. But if this humanity crisis continues at same pace,

definitely it will lead to havoc.

"There is no way to peace; peace is the way."


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