Ethics In Criminal Justice

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This paper analyzes the role of ethics within criminal justice. The concept of ethics in general and within the justice context is briefly discussed and the differences between ethics in justice and ethics in real life are highlighted. The importance of equality in ethics in justice is also discussed, and the criminal procedures that are used to protect individuals from unequal treatment and other unethical behaviors are explained. The paper concludes that ethics play an important role in guiding behavior within the justice system. the term ‘’ethics’’ is rather ambiguous, as it can be understood in slightly different ways, depending on the perspective from which the definition is given. Many people confuse ethics with cultural norms, and ethics…show more content…
What both ethics in real-life and ethics in law have in common is that they both serve as a guide for conduct and in both cases disobedience to these rules can lead to punishment. On the other hand, ethics in real-life are much broader, and vary greatly with individuals and groups. Another difference is that ethics in real-life are not regulated by specific institutional organisms, and the rules are not clearly established as in law ethics. More so, disobeying to ethics in real-life might lead to social marginalization, but no legal consequences are to be faced, which contrasts with what happens when law ethics are not followed-there are specific punishments for each type of disobedience, and these punishments are applied within strict juridical…show more content…
Equality in justice is a fundamental principle of a democratic system and the Constitution protects individuals from unfair treatment; nevertheless, there is evidence that shows how this principle is not always followed. Finally, criminal procedures act as safeguard against an indiscriminate application of criminal laws and treatment of individuals suspected of crime, and the main safeguards regarding criminal procedure are found in Amendments IV, V, VI and VIIIs. Hopefully the information provided within this paper has served as an initial insight into the roles of ethics in justice. As it seems that the entire criminal justice functions by the rule of ethics and different ethical rules lead to very different judicial outcomes, it is important to use the theory of ethics are a guide for applying them in specific judicial contexts in accordance to the fundamental principles of freedom and
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