Ethics In Nursing

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Nursing and Ethics Healthcare ethics has been of higher importance as long as healthcare practice has existed. It is first necessary to explain that healthcare ethics is regarded as moral principles that are commonly considered as allowable and reasonable by the society. However, in spite of a universally stable set of ethical standards that direct the healthcare industry, there are many cases of these values on the verge of being violated. For instance, it is extremely possible that a medical worker will face an extraordinary situation that requires high performance of reaction, solicitude, attention and custody. Professor Megan-Jane Johnstone who is noted for her scientific researches in the areas of health care ethics and nursing has focused her work titled Nurses' Experiences of Ethical Preparedness for Mass Health Emergencies and Healthcare Disasters: A Systematic Review …show more content…

Indeed, it might be argued that this article highlights that it should be paid more attention to the necessity for ethical deliberations in emergency preparedness, planning and performance of nurses. Although, it is suggested that the future research into emerging issues is strongly necessitated and that the outcomes of the further research will be used to produce the evidence-based policy and practice in the emergency disaster management. Another example may be also presented. The article entitled Counterterrorism, Ethics, and Global Health written by Lisa Eckenwiler and Matthew Hunt raises the problem of the ethical issues that are environing the global health influence on present counterterrorism practice and policy (Johnstone & Turale, 2014). Also, the article reviews a variety of damages to health of population which are allocable to counterterrorism

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