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When Fido is rolling around in the grass at the dog park, he’s not trying to make your life as a dog owner more difficult. He’s actually trying to keep himself clean. Instead of making your dog dirtier in an attempt to get cleaner, why not treat him to a day at the spa? In addition to boarding, Evergreen Kennels in Churchville, New York, has a full-service dog grooming shop where Fido can have a brush-out and bath, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and haircut.

Dog grooming is an important part of caring for man’s best friend. Here are three signs that it’s time to make a dog grooming appointment at Evergreen Kennels.

Matted Fur: If you noticed that your dog’s coat is matted, it’s time for a good brushing. Matted fur traps dirt, pests, and debris,
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Plus, long, sharp nails can damage your couch and scrape your skin if you’re not careful. A dog’s nails should be trimmed right before they are about to touch the ground. If you can hear them click on the floor or if they get snagged in carpet, their nails are probably too long. Every grooming appointment at Evergreen Kennels comes with a nail trim.
Ticks and Fleas: If you see bites on your dog’s skin or if your dog is scratching its skin a lot, there is a chance he has fleas or ticks. If pests aren’t treated quickly, they can do serious damage to your pet’s health and can even spread throughout the home. During a dog grooming appointment at Evergreen Kennels, the groomers will check for fleas and flea dirt while they are brushing your dog.
In addition to making sure your dog stays clean and healthy, an appointment at the dog groomer will make sure Fido gets some love and attention. The professionally certified groomers at Evergreen Kennels make every dog grooming appointment positive and relaxing. From nail trims and haircuts to brush-outs and baths, the friendly dog groomers at Evergreen Kennels will treat your dog like the family member he
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