Everything Isn T Racial Profiling Analysis

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Annie Nguyen
Mr. Montalbano
AP Language and Composition, Period 4
25 January 2016
Everything Isn’t Racial Profiling
Writing Strategy Questions:
1. What is Chavez’s point in describing the search for the hypothetical “six-foot-tall, blonde male” in paragraph 4? Chavez’s point is to show how illogical it was to target someone that is entirely different from the people that are needed to be arrested. “It would make no sense if witnesses identified a six-foot-tall, blonde make fleeing a homicide but police stopped female, short men, or blacks or Latinos for questioning” (Chavez 576). The phrase clearly states that police must try to arrest a “six-foot-tall, blonde male” who had fled a homicide case. It makes sense that police and the public be
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Her evidence showed how she herself went through the situation of profiling and how it does not happen once in awhile. An example would be her experience in 1985, “On a trip from Israel in 1985, where I was an official government guest of the Israelis, security agents at Tel Aviv Airport questioned me for almost an hour” (Chavez 576) and the other example was “On another flight, this time from Switzerland, I was asked to deboard the plane after the passengers were in their seats and was questioned about items in my checked luggage” (Chavez 576). Her experience showed that there is always racial profiling no matter where a person is. Every country has the right to protect their country from any possible…show more content…
In her essay she wrote that, “At the time I was hassled, Middle Eastern terrorism was very prevalent in Europe, and female terrorists were operating as well as men, usually on stolen or phony passports” (Chavez 577) as well as “In Shater’s case, nineteen Arab terrorists killed more than three thousand Americans on September 11, and several of the hijackers possessed stolen identification cards and pilots’ uniforms” (Chavez 577). She used definition to define what racial profile really is in order to later strengthen her claim as to what was happening at airports was not just only racial profiling but to keep security and safety of those

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