Evidence 701: Case Study

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The 2011 federal district court opinion from the Middle District of Pennsylvania addressed a general public misconception regarding the Rule of Evidence 701. Indeed, Eric Lyons attempted to use his x-ray results and his physical symptoms against the defendants even though he lacked the expertise to prove that his broken rib injury resulted from his fight against Anthony Boyking. Furthermore, Lyons also believed that his contender benefited of the defendants’ involvement to defeat him. Certainly, Eric Lyons may have been accurate about his rights under the Eight Amendment, however, the law could not take into consideration his testimony due to the fact that his deposition would not qualify as a subject matter expert in the medical field. Thus, the pretrial order the defendants pursued to prevent the plaintiff 's personal contribution regarding his physical symptoms is legit regardless the truthfulness of Eric Lyons’s statement. …show more content…

Besides the revocation of the plaintiff 's right to use his own testimony, a motion also dismissed the appearance of inmate witnesses at the trial to testify against the defendants ruthless routines at the Special Management Unit

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