Evidence Based Practice Paper

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Evidence based practice is using the most recent research to asses the patient and provide them with the best outcome. “The NMC’s (2015a) Code: Professional Standards of Practice and Behaviour for Nurses and Midwives states that it is the responsibility of each nurse and midwife to maintain their knowledge and skills and to practice using the best available evidence.” The purpose of this paper is to mention challenges that nurses face when trying to implement EB, blah blah blah. What it is what it isn’t why it makes a difference and why its crucial. The top challenge faced by healthcare institutions today is providing evidence based, cost effective, quality care that will improve practice and improve patient outcomes. Evidence based practice …show more content…

Quantitative research looks at interventional studies and outcome based research. It is the type of study one can do a lot of statistical analysis and can include, clinical trials, case-control studies, case reports, and clinical practice guidelines. Qualitative research is really done to understand the human behavior and how people are responding to their situation. Type of qualitative research which are mostly done in nursing or social sciences include, ethnographic group, grounded theory. One need to make sure that the patients are having a good experience with the care they are receiving. The highest level of research is considered secondary research which is also called systematic review or meta-analysis. This kind of research brings the same level of rigor to the review of all the research studies that have been done on that specific topic. It brings the same level of rigor to the analysis of all those studies. Systematic reviews are different from literature reviews because systematic reviews and meta-analysis reviews have to be peer reviewed. Peer review means that two or more people need to appraise the information of the study. Systematic reviews examine feasibility, appropriateness and

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