How Does Shakespeare Present Evil In Macbeth

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It’s clear to not only myself and all of you, but also to my client himself that absolute wrong has been committed. However, time and time again murder has been shown to have a explainable cause. Rather it be mental illness, or in this case, evil influences. Throughout this entire havoc situation, my client has shown guilt and pain, trying to avoid these horrible crimes. ' é Despite his efforts, evil has erode his free will and conscience. If there were a punishment for the only mistake, which was made before controlled by these terrible evil forces, which was that of ambition, I believe we would all be convicted at some point in our lives. If the manipulations of 7 l evil had never occurred, the idea of becoming king wouldn 't have even crossed the mind of the E brave and loyal …show more content…

This is when the three strange apparitions of evil that I will refer to as the 'weird sisters ', the name which they gave themselves, appeared. This information had Came to Macbeth at the worst possible time, feeling physically and mentally defeated, despite winning for the King. This not only clouded his 5 conscience but made him weak in temptations while increasing his sense of ambition. Macbeth continuously refused to believe their prophecy that he would be Thane of Cawdor and then King. Which is clearly agreed upon as the correct way to deal with evil. Both Banquo and my I client were in denial that this prophecy could be true. There was no way to justify or explain how this would come about. Clearly showing he wasn‘t accepting of their prophecy. However my client does wish to be one hundred percent truthful, for he had perfectly understandable innocent curiosity, and he even joked about the absurdity of the prophecy afterwards with Banquo. it was only after the first half of the prophecy came true that my client began to

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