Examples Of Direct Discrimination In Health And Social Care

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The protected characteristics include: age, disability, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, and sex.
Examples of direct discrimination include dismissing someone because of a protected characteristic, deciding not to employ them, refusing them training, denying them a promotion, or giving them adverse terms and conditions all because of a protected characteristic
If people are being picked on or being treatment less favourably than
4\ another person this is being discriminated against. Discrimination in any way is not acceptable behaviour. People may be discriminated because of their colour, race, age, gender and many other factors. They are different types of discrimination such as covert and overt discrimination, infringing people of their rights, abusing power of an individual and bullying. …show more content…

For example if a supervisor discriminates an care worker due to race, religion etc. This can make one gain a low self esteem and self worth. Especially when an individual is too shy or scared to speak up for themselves.
Another example of the effect is if a individual is being discriminated against by its client due to one of the many various reasons. This can lead to the individual gaining a lot of aggression and tend to leads to violence. So discrimination should be widely avoided to prevent the some of many effects that can occur.
National initiatives promote anti discrimination in many ways. Firstly in all health and social care institutions there must be a code of conduct which every employee must comply with. These consist

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