Examples Of Excessness In The Great Gatsby

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The excess displayed by Gatsby shows that Fitzgerald’s attitude toward unnecessary excessiveness and overdoing is very unfavorable. From the time Gatsby was introduced, he was written and described as extravagant; the elite and high class figure of the West Egg. As we learn more about Gatsby through Nick, it becomes apparent that the motive behind all of Gatsby’s fancy possessions and choice of his home’s location is all for Daisy, his old lover whom he has not seen in five years. Fitzgerald writes in a way that reveals Gatsby’s arrogance and shallowness. In chapter five, Gatsby and Daisy reunite and he is about to give Daisy a tour of his time. Daisy comments, “I love it, but I don’t see how you can live there all alone.” He replies, “I keep

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