Examples Of Fallacies In The Freedom Writers

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The Freedom Writers is the best film for me because it’s the story of hope and tolerance in a student at the different race or ethnic. Racial conflict is the main point of the film. There are many fallacies showing in the film. What is the fallacy? Fallacies are the simple errors in reasoning that will ruin the logic of your argument or a claim that include a mistake in reasoning. There are three fallacies of relevance which included personal attack, scare tactics and two wrongs make a right.
This film talks about a very passionate and kind teacher want to group up all the students who all are very segregated in class 203. Base on the film, Mrs. Gruwell just starts her first official year as an English teacher and her students almost all African American, Latino, or Asian. All the students are being isolated in diverse groups and those groups also the reasons to form some violent gangs. …show more content…

Personal attack shows an attack on the character of a person rather than his or her opinions or arguments. Ms. Campbell is the head of a department who also a teacher. She was totally looked down on the student in class 203 because many of them are on probation, can’t be relied on and are the lost cause’s. For example, when Mrs. Gruwell finds out a new book to let the student read but Ms. Campbell is not giving it to the student. Ms. Campbell thinks that the student reading scores are not so good and believe the book will be damaged by them. The reasons why Mrs. Gruwell find the book “The Diary of Anne Frank” which belief that have an instant connection to her students. Since Ms. Campbell not allowed to give the books, it made Mrs. Gruwell have taken two part-time jobs to buy for her

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