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San Diego 2020 General Plan for San Diego, California
Urban planning is an integral tool for the realization of sustainable development in any city. It enables city leaders to develop not only medium, but long term goals for the city which correspond with the collective vision of the city as a whole and within the resource pool available to the city. Planning also assists in utilizing municipal budgets to the maximum. This is achieved by balancing growth demands with the desire to conserve the environment through informing service investments and the infrastructure of the city. By spreading economic development in the city appropriately, social objectives are able to be met and in so doing, a collaborative framework between the general public, …show more content…

In terms of the mental and social benefits accrued form open space lands and parks, city dwellers are able to be provided with a kind of temporary relief from their day to day city hassles and urban developments, by indulging in recreational opportunities that may be passive in nature and also refresh their minds. Parks are often used as meeting places for social interactions among all age groups and in some instances, especially among the youth, they provide a venue for sports and games and thus dissuading them from indulging in other vices like crime and …show more content…

In addition, matters relating to consistency of policy, zoning, policies of annexation balanced communities, the use of airport land, environmental justice and the equitable development to cater for the needs of the entire community of San Diego are also addressed. In addition the coastal area is also covered to ensure its equitable and sustainable use. Land use also extends to agriculture, commercial employment which facilitates the utilization public and informal facilities and industrial areas. This enhances the maximum utilization of land and equitable distribution of the land among the various diverse communities of San Diego (General Plan 2020

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