Examples Of Human Condition In Life

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Our life experiences shape us. No individual suffers the exact same hardships nor achieves the exact same triumphs as any other. Yet, we all experience the human condition. How? The human condition is everything that goes on in a person 's life. It 's the constant cycle of decisions and consequences that makes us human, make us each unique.

The human condition can be described by talking about the growth, aspiration, and conflict a person experiences in life.

Growth is important for every human in their life. It is through this stage of the human condition that we transition from each chapter of our life.

In “College should be an Adventure” by John A. Roush we learn about how a college student should grow throughout his life and
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Once they go off to college they must get out from underneath their parents wing and start to learn about the real life on their own.

College is a huge building block in a person life. It is where they discover themselves and decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

“ College remains a more fundamental and foundational experience than any other concentrated period of time in their entire lives.”

Throughout life we all undergo changes and and different events that force us to grow as individuals.

Another key characteristic of the human condition is the aspiration we have in life.

In a comic strip of Peanut called “ Faith in Human Nature” by Charles Schulz he demonstrates the aspiration of Charlie Brown.

“You hold the ball, and I’ll come running up, and kick it.

Charlie is showing that he has hope in Lucy by having her hold the ball.

Even though Charlie had been tricked before he still trusted Lucy to hold the ball for him. Of course he was tricked again, but he still had that longing to hit the ball from
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