The Shock Of Education: How College Corrupts By Alfred Lubrano

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Alfred Lubrano the author of “the shock of Education: How college Corrupts” explains the differences and difficulties of what students can go through while they are in college. Lubrano says that when a student arrives at college, they lose their connection to their families. This is due to the extreme workload put on the student by the professors they don’t have the time to really chat with their parents like they used to when they lived at home. Also if there is an enormous distance gap where the students go to college and where their parents live it may create that sense like they don’t know each other anymore.
I agree do with Alfred that college students change once they go to college they start grow apart from their families. They don’t have time to speak with people like friends and families there’s a lot of work that they need to do. Alfred gives an example of how school work can come in between students and their family “the scholarship boy must learn to distance himself from the family circle in order to succeed academically, Rodriguez tells me by doing this, he slowly loses his family”. This quote shows us that student may want separate themselves a little bit from thee family in order to focus more in school but in doing that they start to lose that connection they had to their family.
There is also the matter of students meeting new people that come from different walks of life so they tend to devote more time to the new people then the people at home that are

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