Theories Of Existential Therapy

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Existential Therapy
Existential therapy was introduced as an area of philosophy which talks about meaning of human existence. It looks at issues like love, death and what is the meaning of life and how one deals with the sense of values in their own life.
In this kind of approach to therapy, there are some basic criterions one should look into while driving assumptions about the human condition. It talks about the capacity for self-awareness, the tug of war between freedom and responsibility, the creation of identity along with establishment of meaningful relationships, accepting the condition when in the stage of anxiety of anxiety and the awareness of environment which includes death and non-being.
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The human givens approach is not considered by its practioners to be just another model of psychotherapy but rather the starting point of a well-structured science of human well-being with branching out beyond mental illness.
The human givens approach started from the perception which sew that thread by saying that it is a set of organizing ideas which was lacking in psychology and psychotherapy. It attempts to provide this missing common ground by asking, and suggesting answers to, some fundamental questions:
Q1: What is a human life form?
Q2: How is a life form different from a non-life form - from an inanimate object such as …show more content…

Damage to our internal guidance system - damage to our brain/body or software, not understanding the instincts
3. Lack of coping skills – Failing to use your imagination or forget what has been taught but instead only worry
Brief on Gestalt Therapy
Gestalt Therapy talks about living the moment and bring the person back to present rather than getting feared of what is coming or not seen or not thought over. One should enjoy what’s happening now and what is being talked about i.e. experiencing the present moment.
Case – Gestalt Therapy
Life was full of failures and unsuccessful attempts for Rohit. He used to do simple mistakes and start getting worried about the consequences. He was changing companies too quickly in the fear that his mistakes will cost him dearly and moving out of the company would be the best option.
Under Gestalt Therapy, Rohit will have to be counselled to come back to present and deal with the situation and not avoid it.
Brief of Transaction Analysis
Transaction Analysis is an idea that says that humans are multi-faceted creatures which changes when comes in contact with another person in their world. The positions adopted under this psychology are:
1. I 'm OK and you are OK: This is the healthiest position in which I feel good about myself and that the

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