Existential Therapy: The Human Perspectives On Meaning Of Human Existence

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Existential Therapy Existential therapy was introduced as an area of philosophy which talks about meaning of human existence. It looks at issues like love, death and what is the meaning of life and how one deals with the sense of values in their own life. In this kind of approach to therapy, there are some basic criterions one should look into while driving assumptions about the human condition. It talks about the capacity for self-awareness, the tug of war between freedom and responsibility, the creation of identity along with establishment of meaningful relationships, accepting the condition when in the stage of anxiety of anxiety and the awareness of environment which includes death and non-being. The theorists believe that our human understanding for self-awareness gives us the strength to learn about freedom and as we realize that we are not an unending resource and that we have little time in our hands which ultimately makes you realize that we have choice to either take action or not, and the meaning is not ideal. At that time, we should seek the reality, and accept that we can be lonely, with no meaning and live in guilt and isolation. Thus, people should be allowed to freely choose the alternatives available to them while living their lives and have a larger role to play in shaping their own destinies. The way we live and what has become of us is a results of the choices made and people should accept the responsibility for shaping their lives as per the choices

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