Examples Of Hysteria In North Korea

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North Korea’s Mass Hysteria Imagine waking up to a life with no control. One in which you’re shackled down, freedoms seized. This is the life of a North Korean. The North Korean government has pushed themselves into complete isolation. Their borders are closed off and from the outside looking in, they’re an experiment. They believe in 1 power. That one man makes the decisions for the country. And that everything the citizens do, it’s for the regime. The North Korean government holds up their ideas and way of living by controlling the population. They do this by using mass hysteria. Mass hysteria, in short, is a way of manipulating and controlling a population. North Korea uses threats, whether real or imaginative, to create a standard. The …show more content…

But, we can focus on a few special people who have shared their story. Living in North Korea was hard said Hye Win, “I can study whatever I want, whereas college students in North Korea can study only what the North Korean regime allows them to study. I can even learn stuff that criticizes the South Korean government, which is impossible at all in North Korea. Freedom of learning whatever I want to learn is what I appreciate most” (libertyinnorthkorea.org). This is a perfect example of a primary source. Someone who experienced the mass hysteria. The government pushed and pressured her to study what they wanted her to study. What they wanted her to believe. They manipulated and controlled her life. If she disagreed or complained, she would be penalized. Another person who lived part of their life in North Korea before they escaped was Hae Ri. She was so convinced that the information she was hearing was the truth. When she watched a video on the truth of North Korea she said “I didn’t believe it at first, but when I watched it again, things became clear. There is a huge difference between knowing the truth and not knowing it. I want more people to hear the message and share what I realized” (libertyinnorthkorea.org). The most important thing in the world is education. If you’re educated, you can do what you want. The sky 's the limit for anyone who is educated. She never lived a life of truth until her escape. The threats and punishments that would come her way if she didn’t follow the rules influenced her to live and believe the way she did. These people aren’t true to themselves. If you were helped by someone it wasn 't the thing or person that helped you because that’s not what these people were taught to believe. It was their ruler. Their ruler was responsible for the good and the bad in the world is from disbelief in the

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