Examples Of Power In The Crucible

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Power is when the fate of events and/or individuals are in the control of one person or group. Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible reflects the many different sides of power, the power over self, the power over others, and the power over all. Miller’s play takes place in one of America’s most frightening times, the Salem Witch Trials, where a Puritan community went on a mad witch hunt through their town. Many innocent people were accused, and once accused, they could either deny and hang or confess to witchcraft and accuse others. One of Miller’s most powerful individuals is his antagonist Abigail. Abigail is the ring leader of the young girls who pretend to be victims of witchcraft. Since she has the support of all the girls, they back up …show more content…

Danforth only sees truth and power through the law and is the determining factor that stands between a defendent and their innocense. This power gives Danforth such a high power in this town that he was not able to convert to judging through his conscience and own opinion. This can be shown in Act four when there was possible signs that the girls were pretending and he still chooses to proceed with the mornings hangings because it would be against the law and not fair to others if he did it any other way (125). Miller’s protagonist was John proctor, who is the best example in the play as power over self. In Act Four Proctor was questioned about other accused people when he tried to confess. Although he knew he would be hanged for not turning in others he still refused. By disregarding Danforth’s rules in order to keep his own morality he had the true power in that situation. Proctor was able to stick to what he felt was right even though others did not believe the same. Everyone is given power in their life over someone or something at least one point in their life. As shown by the characters in The Crucible it is not the power you have that defines you, its the way you to use

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