Examples Of Ptsd In The Odyssey

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PTSD is a major topic in today's society and it has been since the beginning of combat. The veterans have been in combat for many years constantly fighting. There are bombs going off, constant gunfire, and such dramatic events. In today's society while at combat people experience unimaginable things right in front of their eyes. And this can cause some permanent damage to that person. People in today's society were not giving these veterans coming home from the war the treatment they need and well-deserved. However, the treatment of these veterans has been getting worse as time goes on. These veterans come home expecting glory and end up being treated very poorly. A fictional epic tale is about a hero who goes through many tragic events this epic is titled the Odyssey. Odysseus leaves Troy after the Trojan War to journey the seas. However, he runs into some problems out on the sea. Odysseus crew went through dangerous seas and faced many problems. As Odysseus is at sea, he is forced to sail through a Scylla, which is an enormous monster and a huge …show more content…

When Odysseus returns home, he soon finds out that the suitors have been treating his kingdom harshly. As Odysseus enters his kingdom, he is met by Antinous the leading suitor and Antinous treats him with disrespect.“The stool he let fly hit the man's right shoulder on the packed muscle under the shoulder blade-like solid rock, for all the effect one saw” (Fitzgerald 603). Even though Antinous did not know this beggar was Odysseus that went through 10 years in the Trojan War, he still hit him with a wooden stool. He treated Odysseus like trash until the other suitors told him to stop. Odysseus held back his anger toward Antinous when he hit him in the shoulder with a stool to show justice later on. They did not treat him as well as they should have although they did not know he was the king of this

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