Odysseus 'Weaknesses In Homer's Odyssey'

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Odysseus’ Weaknesses

In the epic poem, The Odyssey, Homer reveals that Odysseus’ encounter with the Cyclops magnifies his curiosity and hubris, allowing him to defeat the Cyclops despite his weaknesses.

Odysseus shows he is a weak leader when he displays signs of curiosity because he wants to see the Cyclops that dwells in his cavern. After climbing to the cavern of the Cyclops, Odysseus alongside his men enter the home of the Cyclops and examine the belongings inside: “My men came pressing round me, pleading: ‘Why not take these cheeses, get them stowed, come back, throw open all the pens, and make a run for it? We’ll drive the kids and lambs aboard. We say put out again on good salt water!’Ah how sound that was! Yet I refused. …show more content…

Odysseus tells his crew to draw away from the island and his crew is pleading to him to not show signs of hubris to the Cyclops: “ ‘Godsake, Captain! Why bait the beast again? Let him alone!’ ‘That tidal wave he made on the first throw all but beached us! ‘All but stove us in!’ ‘Give him our bearing with your trumpeting, he’ll get the range and lob a boulder.’ ‘Aye he’ll smash our timbers and our heads together!’ I would not heed them in my glorying spirit, but let my anger flare and yelled: ‘Cyclops if ever mortal man inquire how you were put to shame and blinded, tell him Odysseus, raider of cities, took your eye: Laertes’ son, whose home’s on Ithaca!” (Homer lines 449-460). Odysseus is in celebration after he successfully fools Polyphemus and wants to show his cocky side. The audience realizes at this moment that Odysseus has a mental weakness called hubris. Odysseus’ behavior challenges the Gods and is putting not only himself but his men in ultimate danger. Odysseus values glory because it resembles fame and honor. This causes Odysseus to show excessive pride toward the Cyclops. Ultimately, Polyphemus’ reaction to Odysseus’ behavior is anger and this creates no resolution because the Cyclops creates a curse for Odysseus and his

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